The two rivers – abstract creation with driftwood


An original and unique creation for all nature lovers, in an ecological spirit. A nod to Winnipeg.

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Driftwood collected around Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. The wood is then soaked and sanitize with a mixture of bleach, baking soda and soap. It is rinsed and scrubbed with a brush to remove the last impurities. Drying is done under the Manitoba sun as long as possible. It's better to leave the driftwood dry at least for 6 month before working with it. The driftwood is stored in my workshop until it is used to become a one-of-the-kind- piece of art.


Pieces of driftwood for base and two branches

Jute rope


Height: 21 inch (total from top rope to bottom)

Width: 7 inch

Depth: 2.5 inch (wall to branches)


This creation represents the meeting of the two rivers we have in Winnipeg: the Assiniboine River and the Red River. And also a note to my dual nationality: French (the shell from France) and Canadian (the two rivers).



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