Driftwood holder for air plant (red)


Decorative driftwood from Lake Winnipeg for air plants. A unique and original decoration with a touch of greenery that is easy to care.

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Driftwood collected around Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. The wood is then soaked and sanitize with a mixture of bleach, baking soda and soap. It is rinsed and scrubbed with a brush to remove the last impurities. Drying is done under the Manitoba sun as long as possible. It's better to leave the driftwood dry at least for 6 month before working with it. The driftwood is stored in my workshop until it is used to become a one-of-the-kind- piece of art.

The suspension is made with driftwood and jute rope as a dream catcher. The plant is placed where the rope cross, not glued down, the air plant can be removed for care.

The "air plant" used is a Tillandsia. This one has some red tone on the top. These plants do not need soil and are easy to care (see care instructions in gallery).

Height of the wood is around 5 inch (13 cm) and the width is around 10 inch (25 cm). The cord is used to hang it.

Air plant included.


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