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One-of-a-kind creation with driftwood and original abstract paintings

Original handmade creations - No reproduction guaranteed

Marie-Cécile carefully handcrafts each of the creations you’ll find at the markets or in her online store. Her creative imagination and the shape of the driftwood give birth to a unique piece.

Driven by a passion for creating and the inspiration of the moment

Marie-Cécile finds her inspiration in nature, in the small moments of the day, in her travels, in seasonal events… Whatever interests her in the present moment could be transformed into a new, unique piece specially created for your enjoyment.

Mixing Natural, New & used Materials

As soon as Marie-Cécile has an idea in mind, she finds a way to bring it to life as best she can in real life! She looks for the best materials in thrift stores, searches the Internet and experiments with new mediums, techniques and resources.

Meet Marie-Cécile

Painting, creating, transforming, giving a second life — that’s what I love to do. I’m always tinkering with something or thinking about creating something unique. No duplicates. Sharing my creations with people was the real trigger to start my business.

At first, my creations were for my family and friends, then a friend asked me why I wasn’t selling my creations. The idea was put in my head. In June 2019, I opened an account on Etsy and took part in my first craft market at Fort Gibraltar in Winnipeg. I haven’t stopped since! Meet me at the next local market!

– Marie-Cécile –

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